Monday, July 12, 2010

IPTV makes people feel happy and worry

Just four or five years ago, IPTV is a new concept, but on the IPTV industry did not attract much attention, IPTV users will know even less. But the recent two years, driven in the 3G business, IPTV is prosperous and Seoul warming, become the focus of the industry and users. 2005, or even years, known as IPTV. From cold to hot, IPTV significant change in status, indicating that the telecommunications industry, television and the Internet industry, a clear trend in the future development of the Telecom network, television networks and the Internet irreversible trend of triple-play.

IPTV comes from television, but is different from traditional cable television, but also different from the currently emerging digital TV. IPTV, turned out to let people see the world through the Internet, film and television programs in various countries, for VOD, view the latest information, listen to popular music. The birth of IPTV digital entertainment for every family to open the door to the world, so that consumers understand that digital technology offers a variety of modern life. More importantly, IPTV for the troubled carrier to open a door, providing a potential new business, new revenue opportunities for new business models, its significance is also not limited to video broadcast on-demand business. Typical IPTV business class services including video, high-speed Internet access, VoIP services, interactive games and information services type applications and so on. Therefore, we can predict, IPTV business represents a multiple bundled future new business forms.

From the global telecommunications industry in recent years development, the majority of foreign telecom operators to start from the development of IPTV to provide bundled voice and video data TriplePlay business. With the diversification of user needs, understand, and meet the needs of individual users, is the transformation of the current telecom operators the main driving force. The world's major telecom operators, telecom equipment manufacturers, network operators and other spontaneously selected entry point for IPTV as a strategic restructuring, mainly in the following three considerations:

First, the telecommunications industry competition. In global terms, due to intensified market competition, has become fixed in the ARPU decline in the value of an undisputed fact. Therefore, frequent changes in his global telecommunications industry in recent years, mergers and acquisitions in vogue. Industry experts agree that the acquisition from Ericsson, Marconi, Alcatel-Lucent to merge, to the combination of Nokia Siemens and so on, through this series of lightning-like after the reorganization, the global telecom equipment market concentration further enhanced. It also shows that the telecommunications industry oversupply, market competition, large companies to re-adjust their business is imperative, the general trend. Telecommunications enterprises is an important reason for the merger and reorganization of the traditional telecom business, the brutal competition, profit margins continued to decline, while developing new business, Xun Zhao new business growth has become a fixed-line telecom operators operators operators operators of Te Bie Xuan Ze. It can be said to get into the IPTV business while continuing the development of telecom operators into the spontaneous choice and competition they face quite upset.

Second, IPTV, very substantial. With the acceleration of triple play, IPTV industry a bright future and huge market gradually, all the major giants as IPTV as a new major source of growth of income. According to market analysts StrategyAnalytics forecasts, this year's global IPTV service revenue will reach 80 billion U.S. dollars, will be more than eight million subscribers. By 2008, IPTV subscribers to more than 20 million, about 10 times the current number of users. By 2010, worldwide IPTV subscribers will grow 12 times over 63 million. Huge market, large user groups, as many telecom operators, equipment manufacturers are keen on the main reason for IPTV.

Third, the contents of a single Internet slowdown. After years of development, the traditional Internet business increasingly shows lack of content and mode of operation immature, poor profits and many other issues, the emergence of IPTV opportunity for operators to provide a new original impulse. Throughout the major carriers, Internet business development although in full swing, but access alone costs are difficult to meet the income growth of the huge demand, many carriers have profitable Internet business model research, and IPTV business after all, a very good choice. Now, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and AOL are all one after another in the home entertainment market, trying to achieve through the IPTV service new leap. In particular, Microsoft, give full play to its software superiority, is the development of IPTV products suitable for telecom operators. Microsoft to provide end to end solutions to telecommunications operators are expected to launch IPTV to lift business to worry about. Swisscom, Bell Canada and other carriers were involved in testing Microsoft's IPTV product, SBC is to spend 400 million U.S. dollars to buy Microsoft's IPTV software, shows the development of IPTV business confidence and determination.

Despite the development of IPTV shows a bright future, but the current commercial status of view, IPTV is like a rose without a thorn, a few happy, there are a few share those concerns.

Accenture organizations around the world of telecommunications, broadcasting, media companies and 302 respondents were interviewed on the IPTV business. The results showed that only 4% of the IPTV to create substantial profits in the coming year are very confident. In the longer-term period, the survey has undergone tremendous changes. 34% of respondents were convinced that three years later, IPTV enormous benefits, while another 57% of the respondents were confident of this happening.

Accenture Organization CEORayDogra said: "If the majority of the project is still in the experimental stage or early commercial use, then as now, IPTV will not be considered as a major contribution to the profit side. But for telecom operators, with regard to the planning of IPTV , standards and safety content in the three years can not all be effectively addressed. In short, IPTV in the business on the road facing the main problems are:

First, the technical bottlenecks. IPTV through the IP network to provide carrier-class service and easy to use television-style experience, the transmission of high bandwidth video stream, which requires a strong network of support. With the increase of users, the existing MAN enough to meet the centralized, high-volume data transfer? This is a question worth pondering. Currently, the global IPTV architecture is difficult to unity, the lack of good network QoS guarantees, the traditional CDN does not apply to IPTV, etc.. In addition, IPTV how to achieve secure transmission, to minimize the incidence of malicious attacks, which is to make the industry a headache.

Second, the content of the immaturity. In today's communication, there is such an accepted saying: "content is king." However, in the IPTV field, "Content providers are KINGKONG (James Bond)." This seemingly simple word, points to the complexity of IPTV industry chain. Determine the survival of IPTV content, this not an alarmist, but the key to its future victory. From the current global IPTV development, the basic are the leading force in order to network operators, and other aspects of support still far from meeting the basic needs of IPTV users. It can be said, IPTV industry chain based on the content and network for dual-core, industrial chain, with network resources and have the contents of the relationship between resource providers will directly affect the development of IPTV.

To IPTV content to attract users, not only to reflect the timeliness of its interactivity and features, but also must have its own "unique offerings stunts" do not have to provide television, the user can not buy their own unique content. At present, the contents all over the world in IPTV services has not come up with an effective way, the development of mixed quality, which is the development of IPTV in depth a major problem.

Content in the IPTV services, the practice of certain broadband reference. Hong Kong's broadband and content providers through their own co-produced a number of unique content, such as English children for children, cartoon, etc., and IPTV set-top box remote control to set specifically so that users can easily select the button. The details of the user has been carefully designed user acceptance, coupled with a flexible pricing policy, at present, of broadband users is rapidly developing, has reached 12 million people.

In addition, the countries launched IPTV in a different view, the policies are diverse, or tight or loose, largely affected the business operations and standardization of IPTV promotion. While some areas of IPTV in full swing, the other areas of IPTV is still holds partly concealed, the situation reflects 鍐扮伀涓ら噸澶?shyness.

In short, the deployment of broadband to IPTV basis, and broadband IPTV has to drive further development. 3G business development at the global uncertainty, the industry standard has not yet fully reunification occasion, IPTV Jinguanyijing Cheng Wei fixed network operators in the most important provider strategies in transition, but the entire IPTV Yao Zhenzhengzouxiang mature, welcome Qi Qi harvest to market accepted by the majority of users, but also through a period of time trials.


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