Monday, August 2, 2010

Fortinet Forecast: Phantom verge of threatening the annual peak

Since September 2008 Since the birth of intimidating software continually upgraded variants of malicious software and that all network users to become a headache it hard to prevent a major security threat, the software came in the first anniversary of its interference with the flow of both the intensity will reach unprecedented peaks. The mass e-mail tricks and more crazy, a large number of hacking the eyes of "more money for stupid people" as victims or potential targets.

Fortinet Inc. forecast a month ago on the recent Bredolab botnet virus (W32/Bredo.G) activities will be more frequent, the Trojan program will automatically link to download anti-virus software false. This is an increasing number of counterfeit software, the trend is one of the reasons (a recent example of this month, including SEO Black Hat event, the New York Times malicious ads, and download the Payload Pushbot worm code).

A month later, this is the tactical advantage of panic has been verified. All the other unexpected is, the threats and the software actually reached in September testing data for more than 4 times! Cyber criminals in all knows how to fool the innocent victims, including the use of e-mail threats, botnets and fake virus software, etc., are the hope of its ultimate goal of intimidation by the user, so that they mistake the economic benefits. In addition, during this period discovered software vulnerabilities and exploits remain high. In the most top 10 kinds of malicious software Zhong, yes there are seven kinds of the latest variants of the original threat Ruan Jian - Wang Luo security threats that suddenly Shangshengzaici, Kongxia software Bianzhong the Chuxian have exhibited Kuaisufanying, strength Zeng Qiang, and gradually shifts the threat Xiang Changgui serious trend.

10,11 intimidation software dominates the month, while increasing flooding threat to network security that companies again increased security concerns on the Internet platform.

As the world's largest equipment suppliers and network security UTM solutions leader, the United States Fortinet (Fortinet) Company reminds all levels of users, the face of increasingly serious security situation, the traditional firewall and anti-virus products, has failed to meet the needs of the community The market needs a more competitive product to replace the traditional firewall.

Fortinet Inc. Fortinet built from the ground up network security solutions, by integrating firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, anti-spyware and anti-spam and so multi-layered security defense, helping customers on the network and content level threats to carry out a thorough , easy, all-round defense. In addition, by using a custom ASIC and unified interface, Fortinet solutions offer from a remote office to chassis-based solutions, combined with integrated management and reporting systems, with advanced security features.

Fortinet Network Security and threat research manager Derek Manky recently pointed out that although the fake security software, is growing, however, the same as other high-profile threats, once the user becomes more intelligent, they get the chance of success and profit will become small.

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