Monday, October 11, 2010

PMP Exam tips

In fact, PMP exam is not as difficult as imagined, especially for N times experienced candidates for the Chinese examination exam to mention, the key is the methods and ideas.

I participate in on Dec. 7, 2002 written examination, before the exam, I did not own the end of the exam, because my leaving the country very well, the (until next semester to junior strong Guo Siji-free), plus of the reasons (IT industry, the world's most tired, most work overtime) is not more time to review, therefore, until a night before the exam, I boil lights night to 12. But when I get to do half of the exam, the basic feel very near the heart. Therefore, most of my exam questions are clear and explicit. Of course, and the rest on logical, and in mid-January 2003, I learned that he had Pass. So, if like me leaving the country and good friend, do not worry, is written in English, say that again, PMP exam in the face leaving the country is not difficult words.

I was in October 2001 that the PMP from the online business. Since I developed at that time companies a software project manager, was started from March 2002 to collect relevant information about PMP 鑰冭瘯 (Dushi free from the Internet gathered, this information is also grateful to those of friends) expiring in May from Beijing Hyundai Excellence bought three books (PMBOK in English and payment of teachers modeling problem). Usually use the little spare time to the following three books are roughly twice read.

To October, I attended the excellent modern exam training courses, through the 4 days of learning (should be 5 days, the last day of the company I was captured, resulting in my not heard about the PMP exam ethics chapter test was the worst, with 29 items of the 20 items, this is something), my mind clear about many, especially for gold teacher lectures to various aspects of channeling up points, so I've learned to read in all their comprehensive knowledge points are isolated.

After listening to King teacher training course after the exam, I looked again three times PMBOK (in the Combination of the British version, there is no Chinese version I looked at strenuous), and Modern excellent exam simulation questions to do it again. Originally planned 10 days annual leave, exam, please, go all out to Notes, but in the end or just stay at home full 4 days on the "torture chamber", but still good, eventually passed.

Personally, I think, throughout the review period, the biggest help to me in addition to PMBOK (Chinese, English version), the exam is excellent training for Beijing Hyundai and their simulation's question. Read several times as long as the PMBOK, the head impact does not have a lot of deep stuff, but there are many knowledge points PMBOK in simply did not say or did not elaborate, such as some financial, such as probability and statistics knowledge. The outstanding issue of gold in the modern teacher's "exam simulation questions," all have very detailed description and list of relevant examples. Also, this test (December 7, 2002) has a lot of questions are the book's original title (or basically the original title).

Well, another pile of nonsense, the distribution of this examination of the exam, said, and maybe we will have some help:

Group Process Area Number of Questions
Initiating 17
Planning 47
Executing 48
Controlling 45
Closing 14
Professional Responsibility 29



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  1. It's great that you are sharing tips based from your experience and learning. It will be really useful to us.

    Thanks for the post. Keep it up!

  2. Nice info! The PMP Certification establishes a common language among project managers and helps each other work within a common framework. Once you have the PMP, you need to consider how you're applying the processes, tools, and techniques to projects. I took a training course for my preparation in and got ready for the exam on day 5!