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Shanghai foreign brain drain rate of 16.5 percent beyond the reasonable

By the Shanghai Foreign Investment Enterprises Association and the Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd. jointly completed the report, the survey of 156 famous enterprises home and abroad (more than 50% of employees more than 500 CEO. Survey, 2004 - foreign workers in 2005, the average loss rate of 16.5% over the CEO believe that a reasonable employee turnover rate 5% -15%. HR need to inspire the future, communication and coordination capabilities and strategy, strategy based more on thinking ability Kung Fu.

5% -16.5% of the brain drain of upper and lower limits

The survey, the managers surveyed, 75% thought that "15% less staff turnover rate" is reasonable, of which 55% of that "5% -10%" is reasonable; and 95% of the CEO that "5% -16.5%" wastage rate is acceptable upper and lower limits, 100% of the CEO that more than 20% of the turnover rate will bring substantial business impact. However, the specific level of wastage due to corporate-owned industries, business development stage, the market supply and demand factors such as human resources vary.

Shanghai Talent Intermediary Association GU analysis: "low loss rate of loss of business enterprises will absorb the vitality of fresh vision and talent; the turnover rate is too high will not only lead to separation costs, replacement costs, training costs, time increased costs, and even lead to stagnation in the overall business enterprise. In an increasingly competitive human resources, how to control the rate of turnover in a reasonable range will be the subject of multinational corporations must be taken seriously. "

Real estate and other industries the highest rate of brain drain

Survey in 2004 -2 005 years, the average loss rate of foreign workers 16.5%, of which the highest rate of property loss, nearly 30%, followed by consumer goods, energy, tourism (hotels) and other industries, the average loss rate of more than 20 %, which is the industry's characteristics and the degree of market demand. For example, the consumer goods industry, sales jobs in the industry accounted for a significant proportion, while the sales turnover rate is relatively high in the workplace positions. MERCER, according to a recent survey, sales ratio of total staff has grown from 19.2% in 2004 to 22.1% in 2005. The industry turnover rate is relatively low, public health and sanitation, animal husbandry and fishery, accounting, automation and other industries, an average of less than 15%.

Analysts say that foreign workers change jobs frequently lead to the objective reason yes: the enterprises in these sectors increasing number of companies expand their scales rapidly cooperate well, the human resource supply has not been simultaneously keep up, leading enterprises in the increasingly competitive Yali have mainly under the "dig" and get the senior human resources strategy.

By investment source country or territory, the Hong Kong-invested enterprises to become the highest staff turnover of enterprises, up 19.99%, the U.S. and Japanese companies are relatively low turnover rate, respectively 14.04% and 13.96%.

China Europe International Business School Professor Mobley, foreign staff turnover rate is so high, the first by China's rapid economic development and the consequent need for a large demand for high-quality professional result. Looking at the highest staff turnover rate of several trades, no not the fastest growing in recent years, the most rapidly expanding sectors of the economy.

Learning and development opportunities are important elements to attract talent

Change the face of competition in the market situation, the survey, 67% of the CEO that the key to successful change is "to establish a team to adapt to changing times," CEO personnel bear the brunt of a number of core elements in mind. Business growth and profitability are ranked in the second position.

As former president of GE Welch said, "I was in office when the president, 75% of the time spent on the selection, assessment, encouraging his team," "I will not design, not manufacturing, I totally rely on They (corporate team). "

To this end, staff turnover, particularly the loss of talent as their hearts will never erase the pain. How to retain good people, a focus of discussion at the meeting.

Mobley says young people working and willing to stay in a particular company because the company is: learning and development opportunities, good relations with the boss, in a triumphant group of outstanding work and pay bonuses to develop justice. Main causes of brain drain is for two reasons, namely cost and control. In order to retain employees, Mobley has made many proposals, such as well-designed introductory training for new staff, management and staff meet regularly face to face group discussions, and actively implement staff career development planning.

For example, B & Q, executive vice president Chen Lili question of how to retain good staff, first to employees vast opportunities for career development; Second, a competitive compensation and benefits; Third Management: a company's management style, corporate culture, ability to retain good staff is important.

The fastest growing real estate and other industries employing

Human resources from the foreign demand growth trends, the survey data show that the number of employees employed in the industry is the fastest growing real estate industry, growth rate of 40%, followed by pharmaceutical, accounting, and light industry (paper, printing), etc. The average growth rate reached 30%, more than industry demand for high rate of employment growth and the rapid development of the industry. Steady growth in the number of employees in education / art, consumer goods, public health and sanitation sectors, remained at 8% - 10% growth rate last.

By different countries or regions of origin of investment, US-funded enterprises have become the fastest-growing companies, an annual rate of 21.6%; Japanese companies followed, annual growth rate of 18.28%.

HR need to have the motivation, communication ability

In the "your business hopes for the future of human resource management function position", 71% of the CEO expected to enhance motivation of human resources management, communication and coordination capacity, 62% CEO of human resources management functions of the expectations of the future should be defined as "corporate strategy to support and promote "the development of human resources planning capacity has reached 62%.

This indicates that the period of rapid change, high staff turnover rate of the case, CEO of human resources has been from the original cost management to the value of human resources management, how to retain the best people, the development of human resources development plan, how to effectively support the business strategy is CEO of the HR responsible and competent you expect areas of focus.

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