Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CNNIC: Domain transfer fee does not exist

Reporter yesterday learned of complaints against the more concentrated the domain name holder's domain name transfer 鍥伴毦 of 闂, CNNIC Yijing to the major Zhu Ceshang Fachutongzhi Zhong Shen, Zhi Yao domain name registration Hou Zai Dao domain name 60 days before maturity within 15 days and none of less fees or other dispute, the domain name holder is free to change the registration service.

CNNIC person to the newspaper that, "change the way domain name registration service" in Article 7 has been defined, turn out the party in receipt of a valid domain name holders to submit application materials changes, it shall within three working days to the transfer of the domain holders to provide the correct password, and may not apply this charge to the holder of the domain. Article 15 stipulates that changes to domain name registration services is complete, turn side shall pay the China Internet Network Information Center, the domain name year running costs. The domain expiration dates will be based on the continuation of the original period of use for one year.

That the above provisions, transfer the party registrar shall not charge users. In order to prevent domain name transferred to insufficient funds, users are required to pay a year into the cost side. This is a normal domain renewal, there is no domain transfer fees.


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